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Bride Tips: Hiring a Makeup Artist (MUA) & Hair Stylist

The importance of hiring a professional makeup artist/hair stylest on your wedding day:

Your normal everyday makeup may not look as flattering under the harsh flashes of the cameras capturing your special day. As well, the lighting at your venue. A MUA will highlight your best features as well as downplay any blemishes you might be concerned with. So here are my top 4 reasons to hire a MUA/Hair Styles

1: Be stress free: Ladies!!! Weddings are stressful. Make it easier on yourself.

2: They have the goods: MUA have an untold amount of makeup to give you a natural yet camera ready look that last through the day, and believe me they make our 3 eye shadow pallets and 5 lips sticks look like nothing!

3: Products: ​ Again, they have products for days, but not just your run of the mill drug store products. They have high end products that are made to last for 12 hours or more. They have face moisturizer, face primer, eye primer, eye shadows, concealer, foundation, highlighters, setting powder, setting spray, and MORE.

4: Hair: Okay, some of you ladies are hair gurus, I wont lie. However, a hair styles knows how to do your hair and make it last. Plus, again, and I cannot stress this enough, make your day as easy as possible!

Stress Free- Its your wedding day!!! Relax and enjoy mimosas with your girls as you get pampered and trust you MUA.


Meet our MUA: Erika with Antunez Artistry

Instagram: pita703

She can also be reached by email at

Behind the glamour #antunezartistry

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