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What to wear to your photo session?

Tips for picking out clothing for your upcoming photo session

Picking out your outfits (or family outfits, ekk!) for a photo shoot can make even the most fashion forward squirm! Below are some tips that may help. In the end with all things considered it is most important to look like yourself, the best version of yourself!



Keep your location in mind

Are you going to be indoors or outdoors? Is the area paved, muddy, rocky, or grassy? What kind of colors would look best in that setting? If you will be outside, it’s a good idea to wear clothes you would be comfortable sitting on the ground in.


























Step up your shoes 

Its best to bring a few pair. Ladies: even if you are a t-shirt and jeans type of girl, where shoes with some lift. Heels can be so uncomfortable but they sure do make your legs and hind look amazing! They also have mystical confidence boosting powers!

Boys: A sleek, clean pair of shoes free of logos are best. Are converse or vans your signature style? Its great to be yourself but just clean them up so there is no significant scuffs and dirt.

You don’t want to wear shoes? Sure, no problem! We love that look too, as long as its safe.



I have some die hard sports fans in my life so I understand that dedication to your team! If you want to sport that team love, or maybe you have a fedora you can’t live without, great!  However, some hats can cast shadows on your face so I find it best to plan to dedicate the end of the shoot to those photos so you have a variety or with and without.


Dressing your children

Personally I love my little girl to be in cotton pants, things that allow her to freely move and be herself. However for a photo shoot you may want to consider something a little more ‘dressed’ up. Adult-like clothing on children can look adorable in photos. Button up shirts for boys, dresses for little girls, vests, simple jeans or linens. If you have multiple children think about what their outfits would look like together. For example: your little girl in a dark pink top, boy in a light blue &white button up, and your newborn in a white top is a good balance.

Even though most children love their friends Elmo, Dora, Batman, etc, those shirts are something to consider leaving at home. This holds true for large logos and statement clothing (tops with sayings on them). They will draw attention from the most important subject, your child!

And for babies, there’s nothing better than their birthday suit.

Accessories such as headbands, tutus, hair clips, hats, sunglasses, can be a fun addition. Even if not to use for every shot.

Should you need some inspiration try H&M for kids, Crew Cuts (J Crew Kids), Gap Kids, Janie & Jack, Oilily..the list goes on.


When in doubt

For full sessions I typically like to do a pre-session consultation in person where we can discuss your outfit selection. But any clients are always welcome to an over-the-phone consult about what to wear to the shoot. Better yet, lay your family’s outfits out on your bed and take a photo and text it to me and see what I think! I’m always willing to offer up some advice based on my experience and my knowledge of what kinds of clothing are better for certain poses!



DOs & DON”Ts

Do pick clothes that you are comfortable in.
Do try on ALL the clothes before coming to a photo shoot.  Nothing like finding out something doesn’t fit at the shoot.
Do remember that you want contrast
Do consult your partners or family members outfit selections. You don’t want to be too matchy matchy but you don’t want to clash.
Don’t worry about bringing too many clothes, as long as you bring a variety.
Don’t worry if you don’t like something, you can always go onto the next wardrobe.
Don’t forget to put a fresh coat on your nails – chips will show in the photos!
Don’t bring clothes that show stains or wrinkle easily.
Don’t be scared of color

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