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Albania -path less traveled

Welcome to my world of a path less traveled. So when people think of going overseas they think of England, Paris, Rome, Greece, and the list goes on. However for me and by bestie, we want to see what others have not. Places for gotten, Places random and beautiful.

To be honest before going on this trip I did not know Albania was a country let alone existed. *oops*

However, a few clicks into Google, I was hooked. This is a place that gives you the luxury of America and a touch of time forgotten.

The food is fabulous, honestly I would go there for just that, the culture is great and people are sweet.

Also, be prepared, everyone looks lovely all the time… So if you are like me, say bye bye pjs and hello outfits.

If you are a history buff, they say this is where most stuff started, and for you geographical nerds it has two seas. It sits on top of Greece and is 70 miles across the see from Italy. Driving around you will see bunkers, EVERYWHERE. They were built during the communist government of Enver Hoxha from 1960-1980. They have all been abandon except some of which they turned into museums.

Did I forget to tell you the food is amazing, probably not, but I think it goes without saying if you know me I love food and more so I LOVE great food and Albania has it.My favorite food items where the pizza, meat dishes (which is a weird mixture but probably the best), and the dessert (trust me they do sweets deliciously).

The best part about this trip, minus the ticket, it only cost $500 for the week.

There are more pictures, but I am show casing them next month as a surprise.

Then they will be up for review.

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