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Bryan + Amanda Toll | Wedding October 27, 2018

This was a special wedding for me, as all weddings are, but this wedding was a little extra special. This was my lovely sister, Amanda's, wedding. For people who didn't hear my speech. Amanda is my step sister, even though I don't think of it like that. We met when I was 7 and she was 10. We where both visiting our parents (My real mother and her father, my step dad) and to say the least it is always hard fighting for attention of a parent. Especially when you are young. However, fast forward 9 years and we are both living in the same town at the same time. (Good ol Gallup New Mexico) To say the least our sisterly love grew, like the blooming desert after a good rain. We both liked the same music, art, and are both fond of eating. So long nights riding around in her little hatch back Honda became a norm. Then she moved to Tennessee, to be with her momma, and started dating a boy. A few years after dating, she brought him to meet the New Mexican family. If you know me I am a bit, meaning a lot, pushy, and more so when it comes to loved ones. So asked him when he planned on popping the question. His response was "NEVER." ( -_- <--- my face at this response) He never planned on getting married. Well they moved to Washington, and had started a family.

And here we are for what feels like an eternity of waiting, and her two week trip back to Tennessee, he finally popped the question when she got home!

A year later I am buying tickets back to watch one of the most wonderful people I know say I do to the man of her dreams, and take some super gorgeous pictures!

To a life time of happiness I know you'll have! I love you both and are fantastic parents <3

Location: Mt. Juliet

Cake by Mother of the Bride: Michelle

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