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5 Ways to Take Great Family Portraits

1. Wear Complimentary Colors

If your family is going to be photographed, go for color! Look for colors that can compliment each other well. If there is a mother and daughter, find a way for them to both wear the same color but in different ways. Notice how mom has the brown sweater and her daughter has a brown vest. This strengthens the presence of the ladies in the family. Don’t be afraid of patterns, as long as there isn’t a distracting logo, your good! Golden Rule, the special twist that I tell all my clients…”Mom, where what you feel most BEAUTIFUL in and have your family compliment you.” For more advice on What to Wear for Photos, check out my Pinterest board What to Wear.

2. Share the Spotlight

Take turns focusing everyone’s attention on each person in the family. The simple act of everyone turning and giving the youngest daughter a BIG smile brings out the best reactions!

3.Let the Toddler Call the Shots... in the beginning

It can be a a little scary for a toddler to have someone they've possibly never met before pointing a camera at them and asking them to smile. So trust needs to be built.

Also, there is nothing I love more when I start a family photo shoot, and the toddler has their own idea of where to sit or how to pose. So for example, this little girl wanted to hold her brother!!! I encourage mom and dad to run with it so she knows I am on her side and trust is built.

4. Prepare Little Ones

Let the kids know about the shoot well in advance. Start talking to your kids about the shoot a week in advance to get them comfortable with the idea. Let them know your expectations of their behavior, but more importantly talk it up to make it sound like a fun and special occasion for the family - because it is!

5. Food is Important

Make sure everyone is happily fed. Every parent knows the importance of having snacks on hand for the kids, but also make sure the parents aren't hungry, either. Full tummies mean happier people, and better photos. Always.

Whether you are the photographer or mom in search of a photographer, keep these five tips in mind so everyone can look their best, relax and have a great experience. And in the end, you’ll have your BEST family, holiday photo ever!

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