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Bridal Tips: Forget me Not's

1: Snacks and Water: So I always stress this to my brides, and cannot stress it enough , bring snacks and water. You'll be so busy getting ready you'll forget to eat during the buzz of getting glammed up. Bring bagels, fruit, nuts, granola bars, cheese its, or whatever your heart desires to the bridal sweet. The reason I stress this so much is because you'll be so busy with friends and loved ones you might not get a full meal.

2: Emergency kit: You never know what could go wrong! Pack a small emergency kit to fix any mishaps on the big day. I have seen zippers break, that time of the month appear (even though Aunt Flo isn't due for another week), nails break, pain chip. Basically, come prepared because you never know what could happen! (List below)

The fixers – Two sizes of scissors (a standard-size pair for cutting large items and a pair of nail scissors for little snips) – Safety pins – A sewing kit with needle and thread in your wedding colors – Tweezers

The adhesives – Super glue – Scotch tape – Hem tape – Fashion tape

The cleanup crew – Q-tips – A small tub of Oxi Clean (If someone — heaven forbid! — spills red wine on your dress, you can dump Oxi Clean on it to help draw out the stain.) – A stain-remover stick or wipes – Tissues

The refreshers – Deodorant – Dental floss – Mints or gum – Baby wipes

The Healers – Rubbing alcohol – Tylenol and any OTC medication the bride needs regularly (Tums, Benadryl, etc.) – Tampons – Aquaphor (For everything from dry lips to cracked heels!) – A backup phone charger. With so many people texting vendors, fielding questions from family members, and snapping photos throughout the getting-ready process, having at phone charger on hand is an absolute must. A dead phone when you’re trying to track down the photographer during cocktail hour is not good.

3. Payment and tips: Not that in a MILLION years would you mean to stiff someone, but weddings get hectic and the inevitable may happen. Keep your money organized and in a SAFE place. As for tipping CLICK HERE to check out a really cool blog that created a cheat sheet! Also, if you are interested in getting some super stylish money envelopes click the picture! This lady makes gorgeous envelopes.

4: The marriage license: Don’t forget that this whole wedding isn’t just for show! You gotta make it legal! Bring the doc to sign right after you say “I do.” Now as silly as this may sound I have done several weddings, as well as been in a wedding where they forgot to bring that little piece of paper., and not to be seem rude but that's really rude to the officiant. Especially if they to wait!

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