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Brandon + Elena Tanner | Wedding October 7, 2018

I first met Elena and Brandon at a park for their engagement pictures. If you know me I always like to meet with people before I do engagements and/or weddings pictures. Just to make sure I am the best fit for their style. So I was a little shocked by Elena persistence to book me ASAP. Turns out I had done Elena's sisters pictures a few years prior. *My first wedding was her sisters wedding, so thank you Tanner clan for trusting me with your guys wedding <3 *


I learned all about their love story. How they met at work. How Elena thought he was arrogant so she brushed him off, but his arrogant and persistence ways must have worked because a few short years later they tied the knot.

They told me all about the house they where having built, which finished just a few days before they got married. How he was going to stay there and get it ready for her to move into right after they where married. How Elena invitation a rustic backyard brunch style wedding, and it sounded magical!

I learned that unlike most grooms, Brandon had some particular preferences about this wedding. I loved that! After all, it is as much the grooms special day, as it is the brides! Plus he might be a little bit of a camera hog! J/K Brandon you and your buddies are amazing.

They were surrounded by their friends and family. There was a beautiful bride in a beautiful dress. And there was a handsome groom in a grey suit. All the makings for a beautiful ceremony.

One thing I really loved about Elena & Brandon's rustic brunch wedding was the speech their pastor gave during the sand ceremony. Which insured they always talked things through.

Elena and Brandon were all smiles throughout the day,and it was a pleasure to witness. You could tell they were floating on cloud 9 every time they greeted their guests.

Your love is plain for all to see, and you guys make such a great team.

Hair: Dana Cruickshank with Ember Revival and Dana J Hacker

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